A little bit of sunshine

Don't you feel just a little skjp in your step when that yellow ball in the sky?

My Personal Trainer has been sick this week so my exercise plans have been pretty non existent, unless you call gardening exercise.  My diet was pretty good until the evenings when I seemed to eat digestive biscuits and not much else. On the plus side, I kept my fish oil up and I will be going down to 1 tablespoon a day from tomorrow.  I hated this stuff when I first started taking it, it remined me of Castor Oil, yuck! but by now, with a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, I don't notice the taste.

It was my colleague's leaving do on Friday night and I've been suffering with a tension headache for a couple of days.  I decided to book myself in for a massage and facial to try and ease the tension so I'd be in better shape to go out.  I'd had a leaflet for this salon which is walking distance so decided to give it a go.

The treatments are with Elemis products and I chose the Elemis Advanced Performance Facial with Deep Tissue Back Massage which lasts 1hr 45 minutes.

The therapist explained the different stages of the treatment, asked me what kind of pressure I'd like and then started on my back.  Oils were used on my back and arms and then she moved onto my face using different products for the facial and lymphatic drainage.  The treatment finished with a scalp massage. The oils smelt amazing and by the end of the treatment I was ready to sleep.  My headache had lifted and my back was much better which was just what I needed.  I will definately be going back and was so impressed that I've booked a cut and colour in August as well.  Oh yes, they are also a barbers and hairdressers.  Link to salon below.  Their website is great, very informative and just the place to go and spoil yourself.  Only thing missing is a loyalty card.


Now it won't have escaped you that I mentioned I was going out for a meal. I walked 2 miles there and back to make up for not being on my eating plan, so I felt a bit better. 

I chose 3 little dishes for my meal; bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, scallops on black pudding with beetroot and blue cheese deep fried with a chutney.  The scallops were lovely, I wasn't keen on the fried blue cheese, I'm a bit fussy about fried food and this one didn't really agree with me.  It was lovely though being with my colleagues to say goodbye to a friend who is going on a new journey in her life, and was also going on a bike ride of over 100 miles today!  This lady is superwoman, she is truly an inspiration to all who know her and I will truly miss her cheery face in the office.  One of my colleagues is Angie or Angers as I call her from http://peanutpearls.blogspot.co.uk/ who also had some nice food, I can only rememeber her onion rings though as I did try one.

Happy weekend everyone.

I'm not affiliated to Belle Toujours and paid for my treatment.

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