Since I've been on this eating plan I've been eating a lot of eggs from the supermarkets, value range to organic and all of them have been tasteless which has been a bit of a disappointment considering the cost of the high end eggs. 

I fancied boiled eggs with asparagus for breakfast (protein and veg) yesterday so took myself off to my nearest farmers market to see what they had.  I didn't take my camera so I've included a link below.

I found a stall with plenty of eggs, Trecastle Eggs.  They sells free range hen's and duck eggs as well as Welsh salted butter and a selection of Caws Cenarth.  The duck eggs looked fantastic, you can see a picture on the link above, I bought the large organic eggs, £3.20 for 12.  I found another stall selling fresh asparagus so bought a bunch as well, breakfast, tick. 

The eggs were delicious, very thin shells and creamy yolks.  I cooked two for breakfast and another two for today.  They were still creamy!  I know where I'll be going in future.  Definately worth the effort.

My other latest craze that I have to tell you about is Ginger Tea.  I know it doesn't sound great but I've tasted this a few times and it's been amazing hot or cold.  I'd ordered Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook 'It's all good' online a while ago and hadn't really read it properly.  That is until yesterday.  There on page 207 was the tea.  

I like mine luke warm and being ginger it's got a kick.  You can add more lemon juice if you prefer it more tart or honey if sweet is your thing.  Friends came over yesterday and I served this with ice.  Let's just say it went down well.  There are lots of good recipes in this book and no sugar in them! In addition there is barely a trace of gluten and the recipes that do include it offer variations.  I'd suggest ordering the book from the library first of all to see if you'd use but I absolutely love it.  I know a lot of people have knocked Gwyneth for her cookbooks but this one's definitely a keeper if you want to cook healthy meals for your family go grab it.

What are your favourite healthy eating cookbooks?


  1. I'm on some new healthy eating plan! its going well so far but also includes sooooo many eggs!

  2. I'm glad your plan is going well, which one are you doing or should I ask what are you eating? I made a really nice breakfast - poached egg with extra egg whites on spinach mixed with a teaspoon of pesto and 2 mushrooms. Thanks for stopping by