A day out to the Zoo

My son is obsessed with animals at the moment, and if he could, would turn the house into a zoo.  What better way to channel his enthusiasm than to take him to an actual zoo.  Now the sad fact is that there aren't any zoo's in Wales, quite a few animal sanctuary's, but no zoo's, so I decided to travel to Bristol.

The journey took us under Clifton Suspension Bridge built by Brunel.  Amazing piece of work.  I feel another visit may be on the cards soon so that I can have a go walking over the bridge.  The views must be amazing!

The Zoo has an overflow carpark which was great as the one's just outside the zoo were full. 

We didn't get a chance to pack a picnic as it was a last minute decision but something I will definately do next time.  There were lots of places to sit and eat your food and snack bars, ice cream machines and a cafe if you needed to buy something.

We loved all the animals but our favourites were the gorillas, the lorikeet's which land on you as you feed them (the lorikeet's that is not the gorillas) and the seals who were performing tricks in return for fish.  There are 2 lion cubs which aren't that small anymore and who sleep for 22 hours a day.  Luckily for us they were just getting up as we were leaving so got to see them.  The zoo isn't cheap but you can buy annual passes which softens the blow a little.  I don't think we live close enough to get our money's worth out of these though.  A really good day out which was helped by the sun.  4 hours later I was ready for home and an afternon siesta. 


Nos da xx

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