As soon as I decided to start blogging about my weight loss, I've sabotaged it ever since! 

Bank Holiday weekend = food frenzy. 

I'm so tired at the moment, I've got to the point where I'm wondering if my thyroid is playing up.  I think I might make an appointment to get my blood checked out just in case.  It is that time of the month again too, aren't men lucky that they don't get the sugar cravings that come with this!  I ate 3 cakes on Friday, can't even remember Saturday.  Sunday was Toffee Waffles (gosh these are good).  Don't buy them people, they are truly evil, they will talk to you and make you eat every last one.  They are that good that my cocker spaniel pinched one off the table.

2 packets of digestive biscuits and half a packet of pringles later, I felt well and truly sick.  I did have a boiled egg though, that was the most healthy thing I ate.  Poor! that's all I have to say to myself.

Back to the gym tomorrow at 630am.  I will confess all to my Personal Trainer and after a good talking to, I'm hoping I'll be back in the zone.  I need to wear a bikini in August and it isn't going to happen at this rate.  On the plus side, I've painted my nails and toenails and I look like I've had a proffessional manicure. 

It makes me feel a bit better and I look a little more groomed than I did last week.  Baby steps, right?

Before I forget I went to this great little bakery on Saturday.  It's down a back lane and looks like an old garage, very bizarre.  It's been there for over 100 years and even has the old ovens inside, sadly these aren't used anymore.  The bread is lovely, there's granary, seeded, organic.....  If you live in Cardiff or are visiting I'd recommend a trip.  You could grab yourself some bread or a pasty and walk over to Roath Park to enjoy the lake.  If that's not your thing just go for the novelty factor if nothing else.  Link below to their website so that you can find them, as I said, down a lane behind the houses.

Not exactly weight loss I know, but go and enjoy.



  1. Hi, just wanted to say I have recently been really tired & had my blood checked & was vitamin D Deficient! Would never have thought as I'm blonde like you, had 2 holidays last year & spend masses of time outdoors, worth checking out!
    PS: glad to discover your blog :-)

  2. I'm due to get my blood checked in a few weeks so I'll mention vitamin D to them. Thanks for the suggestion. Glad you've found the blog too, hope you'll visit again.