Polishing my Halo

Oh yes I'm polishing my halo today.  In the gym at 0630am doing leg work with my trainer.  My left arm and leg is so much weaker than my right side, yes I'm right handed if you're wondering.  I nearly fell over doing lunges on my left leg, still managed 3 sets of 6 though. I increased my leg weights on one of the machine today - an improvement, but my arms are still sore from yesterday's push ups and dead lifts, roll on tomorrow morning which will be session 3 this week.

On Monday I was craving something sweet whilst training, probably withdrawal from all the sugar I'd consumed last week.  I decided to take my protein shake (featured in one of  my posts) with me today to have after my workout.  The gym won't mix your powder so I bought one of these, a Vexo Mixer that runs on batteries.  It might seem excessive but I always have lumps in my manual shaker and I hate lumps, yuck!  It's not bad, mine leaks a bit, not sure if that's just the way I put it together but there are no lumps - result.

Breakfast was eaten at 0930, chicken sausages and a cup of spinach.  Nicer than it sounds. 

Mid morning snack was 1oz sweet chilli nuts (also featured in a previous post) and lunch was 1 cup of cannellini beans with salad and a tablespoon of fish oil with balsamic vinegar. 

Mid afternoon snack was 2 tablespoons of Hazelnut butter with a cup of tea with almond milk.  I love Hazelnut butter, it tastes like ferrero rocher. 

I've been drinking my ginger tea all day, soo refreshing! I did have 2 americano coffee's with soya milk but this is an improvement as I normally have soya cappuccino's.  We fancied going out for tea as it was such a nice evening but I don't like going places with too much temptation, so Nandos was the venue of choice.  My supper was Butterfly Chicken with a side salad.  Doesn't look too bad does it? 

Home to have more Ginger Tea after this and then that's me for the night.  Nothing else passing my lips.  I'm away in a conference this week and I'm a bit worried about the food that'll be on offer as I feel like I'm back on track. Wish me luck.

What positive steps have you made this week?

It takes so much effort to get back into exercise but I feel so much better, mentally and physically as a result.  Worth the effort.  Why don't you try a nice walk if you can't face the gym this week.

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