Fit at 40!

I'm on a mission.  You see I'm 3 stone overweight and am forty next year.  I want to lose weight and be fit and healthy.  I figure twelve months is a realistic goal to learn to eat healthily and make exercise part of my life. This blog is my journey and I hope you'll join me.

Let me give you a bit of background. I'm a thirty eight year old mother of two who works full time mainly sitting down all day.  I love cakes, no I mean I really love cakes, well to be honest anything sweet! I'm the person who buy's two or three cakes/chocolate bars because I can't choose between them and then eats them all.  Did I mention sweets? I love sweets too, I don't know who's more excited visiting a sweet shop my kids or me! I even sniff food if I'm not eating it, yep you heard me right, I'm the person sniffing the cupcakes in the office if I'm not eating them, weird or what! I'm the person checking out the dessert menu in the restaurant so I can make sure it takes priority over my main.

Food has always been my downfall.  They say 70% of abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym, well that might explain it.  I never used to have a problem with food, I could eat what I wanted and didn't put on any weight but I think a combination of age, underactive thyroid (which is now under control with medication) and a sweet addiction contributed to where I am now.

Well that's what I'm about in a nutshell.  Outside of the above I love interiors  and beauty products so they will be making a regular apperance too. In my next post I'll let you know what I've been doing for the past five weeks on my quest to be Hot and Forty!

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