On the Straight and Narrow

You know that binge I mentioned in my last post, well it continued to Tuesday night, ended spectacularly with a take away curry.  The good news though is that I'm back in the zone, thank goodness for that!

I had a weights session with the trainer at 0630am yesterday.  I'm getting fitter as my weights are heavier and I'm doing more reps.  45 mins later I'm in the jacuzzi and steam room, every cloud as they say.  It's this little treat that gets me through the session.

Breakfast was a chocolate protein shake.  I'm not normally a lover of this stuff, but gosh does this taste good.  I would really recommend it if you are looking to buy one.

Mid morning snack was 1oz sweet chilli almonds.  These are delish! Go get some, I buy mine from Asda.  I can vouch for the wasabi flavour too.

Lunch was a cup of cannellini beans and salad with 1tbs fish oil, 1tbs balsamic vinegar and seasoning.

I went back to the gym for 30 mins in the afternoon on the elliptical trainer doing intervals.  I was like a beetroot by the time I finished, but felt soo good and I'd got an extra session of cardio done, definately good after the binge I had.

Afternoon snack was 2tbs hazelnut butter (this is like eating ferrero rocher) and 1 stick of celery. Supper was a fillet of lemon sole with salad and the same dressing as lunch.  I did have 3 cups of tea during the day with 2 sweetners and almond milk.  A girl has to have something to get her through the day.

Today I'm aching.  My back is sore from lifting weights which has given me a headache.  2 anadin's later I'm in the gym.  Similar session to yesterday and my food for the day is also the same.  The only difference is my supper which will be either steak or chicken with salad.

The sun is shinning which always puts me in a good mood and my dad is coming to stay later.  I've got some DIY lined up for him, don't you just love dads. 

What small things have you done today to bring you closer to your goal?

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