Crashed and Burned

I was too confident.  There I said it.  I was doing so well, started week 5 on the weekend and I don't know what happened.  I went to the hairdressers on Saturday, not a roaring success but that's another story for another day. 3 hours later most of the day had gone so I decided to take Saturday as my rest day and go to the gym on Sunday.  Thing is I woke up the following day craving pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. How can that happen! I had no interest in going to the gym in any shape or form. Do you ever dream about food and  crave it when you wake up?

I was due to meet my friend mid morning in St Fagans I packed my spicy nuts for mid morning snack and took my litre of water, trying my best to ward off my cravings.  Good so far, then I decided to do the weekly food shop on the way home, it happened to be lunchtime and I hadn't eaten.  Word of warning, don't shop if you haven't eaten, even if you think you're not hungry (cue me). 

The supermarket I visited had so many offers of chocolate for a £1 it seemed rude to leave them there so I filled my trolley and added a packet of digestive biscuits.  Got to the till, had a pang of guilt, put them all back except the Twix fingers, digestive biscuits and 3 bars of dark chocolate (dark chocolate has to be good for you, right?).  Went home and had a chicken salad for lunch then ate half a packet of digestives, 1 Twix finger and several cups of tea for supper.  So much for me being on the straight and narrow.  Just when you think you've got this diet thing under' control, it sneaks up on you.  No worries, my gym session this morning was going to sort me out.

Woke this morning ready to burn the biscuits off and get back in the zone.  What happened, trainer text at 0600am, he wasn't well, could we postpone?  Now this never happens, this man is a superhero, he's never ill! So I have a protein shake for breakfast, toast mid morning (I've not had bread for a month!), spicy nuts mid morning, chocolate bar and 1 welsh cake for lunch and then the remainder of the digestive biscuits for supper with 1 twix.  Impressed? add to this a McDonalds meal and apple pie and ice cream!  Told you I had issues.

I've got a call tonight with my coach.  Thank goodness! I've also booked my trainer for tomorrow afternoon so I can undo some of the overeating.  I've come too far to let go of the reigns now.  I've got my chicken salad ready for lunch tomorrow, 2 x eggs and cup of broccoli for breakfast.  Bring it on!

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