Colouring hair with warm tones

I love the Balayage and Ombre look on hair but have struggled to find a colourist locally who can do this technique well.  I've got very warm tones in my hair and this combined with an in-experienced colourist = orange  hair. Not pretty I can assure you.

While looking for the perfect colourist I stumbled across Johnny Ramirez and Tracey Cunningham. Both based in USA so not really ideal for me however their work is brilliant. You can see Johnny's work on Box No.216 and Tracey is based at MeChe salon. Below is an example of his work.

It's taken me nearly three years but at last I've found a local salon that understands this technique and how warm hair responds to colour - Tino Constantinou. These guys are champions in the hairdressing world and are constantly learning new techniques.  After checking their before and after pictures I decided to give them a whirl. This is the final colour.

Considering I was a very warm colour going in, I'm really pleased.  The other good news is that I only need a root touch up next time (it's to hide a little grey but if you don't have any you don't need a colour touch up for 6 months) which is a little lighter on the purse.

Now for anyone considering having this technique on your hair, be warned it takes at least 4 hours. This is because your hair has to be coloured several times to ensure you have a contrast between dark and lighter pieces. However looking at the end result, its well worth it.

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